Flu: We can all be vulnerable

Posted: 23/11/18

North East NHS staff have taken part in a short video about protecting themselves and others against flu.

When we think about flu we often think about the messages in the media about people in vulnerable groups being more at risk, such as young children under 5 or adults older than 65 as well as pregnant women or people with weakened immune systems.  Often, we don’t think of ourselves as vulnerable, but sometimes our circumstances can make us vulnerable.

Staff at Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust, a provider of mental health and disability services have recorded their own, very personal reasons for protecting themselves and those around them and are encouraging their colleagues to take advantage of the free vaccine that is available for all staff.

We all have our own individual reasons why we choose to protect ourselves and get our flu jab, and often those reasons may not necessarily be for ourselves, but to protect those around us.  Listening to our staff in the video share such personal reasons makes us reflect on the vulnerabilities that we can’t necessarily see.  Well done to everyone involved for producing such a powerful video.

Adele JoiceyCommunications Lead at NTW