Infant Mental Health Awareness Week 2023

Posted: 12/06/23

Infant Mental Health Awareness Week takes place from the 12th-18th June, and this year’s theme is ‘Bonding before birth’.

What is Infant Mental Health Awareness Week?

Run by the Parent Infant Foundation, the week aims to raise awareness of the importance of babies’ mental health and wellbeing, and the potential issues surrounding it. Infant mental health is often overlooked or misunderstood but it can have an impact on a baby’s development.

Bonding before birth

This year’s theme focuses on pregnancy and how what happens during pregnancy can have an effect on a baby’s future mental health and wellbeing. Research has shown that the experiences and relationships we have in the earliest years of our lives, including before birth, impact on the development of our brains. Stress experienced during pregnancy can have an impact on babies’ physical and mental health as they grow. One study has shown that children whose mothers were stressed in pregnancy were twice as likely to have mental health problems as teenagers.

Where can I go for support?

Bonding can be difficult for lots of reasons but support is available. CNTW has services in place to support families during pregnancy which can make a huge difference.

The Perinatal Community Mental Health Team provide support to women experiencing mental health difficulties related to pregnancy, childbirth and early motherhood. The team offers perinatal advice, treatment and management of mental health and any medication you may take during pregnancy and into the post-partum period.

More information from the Parent Infant Foundation can be found here: Parent-Infant Foundation (

Information on perinatal mental health problems, including possible causes, treatment and support options can be found here: Perinatal and postnatal mental health – Mind

For when your baby is born, BBC Tiny Happy People helps you develop your child’s language skills. It includes activities and play ideas as well as information about babies’ and toddlers’ early development.

The Baby Buddy app gives daily information on pregnancy and parenting.

Advice from one of CNTW’s baby groups

We asked people in our baby group what advice you would give to a mother or mother-to-be. Here’s what they said:

  • “I felt a doom during pregnancy and was so anxious but attending groups and getting support from my partner, family and services helped.”
  • “Don’t be afraid to ask for help.”
  • “Accept support.”
  • “Take care of yourself. Rest when you can and find a routine for you.”